SAVE THE DATE: 13th MARCH 2024 for „Human-robot collaboration and AI – hype or reality?”

SAVE THE DATE: 13th MARCH 2024 for „Human-robot collaboration and AI – hype or reality?”

On behalf of the 5 EU-funded projects: AI-PRISM, COGNIMAN, CONVERGING, FELICE, and FLUENTLY, we invite you to join and contribute to the „HRC and AI, Hype or reality? From pilots to best practices” workshop during the 15th edition of the European Robotics Forum, to be held on 15th March 2024 in Rimini, Italy.

Collaborative robots remain a focal point in Industry 5.0, viewed as promising tools to alleviate both physical and mental stress, reduce the skill barrier for workers, and boost productivity. As novel HRC applications emerge, the discourse is naturally shifting towards understanding and consolidating HRC application best practices. As a follow-up of last year´s workshop “Human-Robot Collaboration & AI in challenging industrial applications” this workshop shifts the focus from generic use cases to specific use case scenarios. Following a bottom-up approach, real use cases will be used to identify the main barriers for adoption and the human-centric and societal challenges that come with these advancements. The workshop will also explore emerging formal definitions, classifications, and standardizations aimed to elevate industry standards and empower workers through HRC. 

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Approach and Agenda 

The workshop will bring together experts from several ongoing EU projects (AI-PRISM, FLUENY, COGNIMAN, FELICE, and AI5Production) with special focus on collaborative robotics and Industry 5.0.   

6 keynote speakers from academic and industry will share expert knowledge in agile 5-minute impulse talks.

The workshop will integrate 2 expert panels discussing:  

  1. Key human-centric challenges
  2. HRC best practices and standards. This dual focus ensures a balanced exploration of both social and technical aspects of HRC

Detailed agenda will be published soon!

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